Being the workaholic I am you’ll be surprised to know that I’ve recently taken time off to induldge in a few impromptu adventures.

Whhhhaaaattt?! I know, I hear ‘ya. Time Off. Impromptu Adventures. Those phrases do not usually form sentences involving me!

It’s official, you can put Sonya Scott and Relaxxxxxxxeeeddddd in a sentence because I’m pretty sure I did a bit of that!!

Briefly, over the last 3 weeks I’ve flown to tropical destinations to sit out mini monsoons in ridiculous humidity with the people I love (which resulted in the swelling of my heart and the watering of my eyes), endured the affections of Geoffery Long Socks (don’t ask), eaten my weight in “healthy” museli bars, slept on water in a delightful eco boat shed, bush-walked in the rain, nearly stepped on a snake (past the puddle near the dog poo) and behaved like a dirtbag intermittently.

And I’ve been inspired by it all to lesser and greater degrees in a myriad of different ways.

Most noteably, my impromptu adventures helped me solidify the conceptual direction for my solo show at Studio 20/17 in October, and the making begins tomorrow!

Exciting times!

So that’s basically all my time allocated solely to the studio and making for until October…..

…I do have a sneaky-bottom-of-my-blog-post-announcement to make though….I’ll be solely dedicating my time to the studio all the way through until October EXCEPT for the mini little major trip I’m taking to the USA for 7 weeks in May!

I’ll be using that time for studio visits, interviewing makers, exploring every inch of Williamsburg and NYC, blogging, eating, discovering, getting my gallery on and so very much more….

……quite basically - Time Off & Impromptu Adventures!