Yesterday my posse and I were ninja attacked by eggers. Yes, you read right. Ninja Attacked. By silent, sneaky little egg throwers. Who does that anymore?! In retrospect, I wholeheartedly believe the attack was an elaborate ploy involving Green Lake and peace lanterns. Uhh-haah. Those Ninja Eggers are crafty indeed! 
Wasted eggs (oh the sacrilege!) and jokes aside, the last few days and weeks have been….ah, interesting. My studio life seems to categorised by two defining states of being: days upon days of extreme activity and a positive outlook mingled with minimal procrastination, and then, a day here and there of self doubt, designer doubt, making doubt and general bloody doubt. And a fair amount of doubt inducing procrastination! Urgh…doubt seems to be as crafty as a Ninja Egger! But, the leading game changer between days of goodness and hours of doubt are a less silent and far more interesting phenomenon. They’re the People, New friends, Collaborations and Ridiculous Visualisations (monkeys welding) that are filling my world. See below for some of the moments fuelling the concepts and stories behind the work I’m making right now. 
Rock Climbing Gear - Show & Tell
Brandon's Honda

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