I popped into the Art Gallery of NSW this morning to take a look at the Hidden Treasures of Afghanistan exhibition from the National Museum in Kabul. Holy wow. The gold work in this exhibition is incredible! I’ve recently been OBSESSED with Ancient Greek Jewellery, so firstly discovering that a very very brave bunch of people risked their lives to save and store these artefacts (among other enormous feats that allowed this travelling exhibition to dazzle my little eyes and blow my mind) was an astounding revelation in itself. But secondly, and just as incredible to me, was discovering a clear ancient greek aesthetic (Thanks to Alexander the Great) throughout the pieces mixed with cultural influences from the surrounding areas (modern day India, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, China and Turkey) weaved with a little Silk Road action. I’m a little holy wowed out, and I’ve decided I need to know more about this area historically, which ironically bares as many names as it has influences (Mesopotanima, The Orient, Ancient Near East, the Middle East and the Near East to mention but a few throughout history). So stay with me on this one, I’ll let you know what comes of it. Better still, drop by the exhibition if you’re in Oz or pick up Snell’s light reading and drop me a line on your thoughts!