Where do you find your inspiration??
This question can be anything from terrifying to exciting depending on the social context in which it is delivered. Recently I was asked this question via email from my dear friend and fellow metalsmith Catherine Chandler. Where do I find my inspiration? I find it everywherrrrreeeee. But being inspired to me isn’t a single act – it is like being a magnet rolling around and picking up bits and pieces of relevant ‘things’ here and there until I’m totally coated….the combination of those things makes for my inspiration and starting point for my concept development.
The question of ‘Who do you find inspiring?’ is a little harder for me to answer. Why? Because when Catherine asked me I thought it was a trick question – my first response was ‘…um….You.’ …….And so begins my Blog Tour. Catherine, one of my main inspiration sources tagged me in a tour in which I give a shout out to the people/blogs that I turn to for inspiration in a myriad of ways. And as a small disclaimer….I’m going to say inspiration alot…!
Sean O'Connell



The first person I’d like to give a little shout out to is Sean O’Connell. If you know me personally, you’re sighing right now and saying ‘of course!’ Yes, of course, how could I not be inspired by this man?! Sean-O is simply amazing. Whatever he does is pure, genuine and honest, whether that be baking chocolate cakes, making smoke rings, prototyping, testing, perfecting or blowing my hair back it is always done in a style in which has me wanting to better myself both as a designer, maker and a person. Sean-O is responsible for infecting me with love of Miyazaki films, introducing me to Haroun and the Sea of Stories and encouraging me to design from my concept first to obtain the purest expression and then to worry about learning how to make it. I’ve been in many pickles designing and making that way let me tell you, but my most satisfying and best work comes when I listen to that advice and break down the walls of my own expectations. So if you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying a coffee with this man, go boil the jug, make a cuppa and check out his work here
One Design - #07 Ring 01 Melissa Cameron
Up next on the tour is the delightful and ever talented Melissa Cameron. Does this girl ever sleep?! Where on the globe will she pop up next? How-on-bloody-earth-did-she-make-that??! I don’t know! I just know if I need to know anything she and her blog are my first go to place. She’s a shiny beacon of inspiration for me in so many ways. Melissa constantly owns it….she always updates her blog with interesting, relevant and informative content, and, she’s allll over having a strong presence and place of admiration in the international contemporary jewellery community. Most importantly to me, my sense of inspiration and connectedness comes because Melissa also moved to Seattle from Australia, and while I struggled to initially adjust, she took it all in her stride and continued to grow from it. I love Melissa’s stride because it gives me a clear direction to imitate and some footprints to step in with regards to my own work and where I’d like to be professionally.


Alida Cappelletta


Ohhhhh La De Da. A long time ago, back in the old days of Gaffa, I met a beautiful girl whose name I wanted to remember to pronounce correctly. Don’t ask me how this makes sense out of my head and on paper, but said beautiful girl is Alida Cappelletta. Al-llee-da-la-de-da?! Ahem, I’m not sure, but it made perfect sense at the time and I’ve never forgotten her name! And how could I?…Alida embodies the perfect balance of being an excellent jewellery designer, maker and teacher, with being an exceptional fashionista, laugh-er and friend. Ohhhh how I miss sharing a studio with this little lady and her five-toe wonder shoes! Alida inspires me because she is fearless, 100% genuine and just so goddam beautiful inside and out! And her work is a perfect expression of all that she is personally. I have laughed full and long belly laughs with her & cried over broken, burnt and busted work, but more importantly I have admired and respected Alida for her all round goodness. I’m both a better person and designer for her guidance and presence in my world.
And so ends my blog tour! Thanks for reading, I hope you ‘met’ someone new in the jewellers above that you haven’t before. It has been super fun writing this post, so I’m going to revisit spotlighting and interviewing the people/places/things that have me geeking out or striving to better myself in some way over the next few months. Look out for some new posts soon! I got half way through my interview process with a lovely lady last year as I began my transition from Australia to the USA…I think I’ll re-start there, sans knocking on her door with a gift of muffins that could cause her a cardiac arrest (accidentially killing your would be interviewee is so not cool!)!! Look out!