Yo.Yo. By Sonya Scott
I’ve been busy as a beaver getting some new work off the ground in recent weeks. New Work?! Yep, I’ve been designing and making in my free time outside of designing and making…in other words I’ve been quite productive in the days/weeks between blog posts! All of my efforts are finally coming together, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be releasing a new product range during September. It is a step away from body adornment in a sense, although these pieces were originally designed initially to be worn occasionally on the body. The pieces were borne from frustration on numerous levels, primarily I felt frustrated by the lack of innovation in lighting designs that I was seeing around me and I also felt frustrated with my work and desperately yearned to loosen up and have fun with it. Usually I’m quite a conceptually-serious designer, but I’m feeling rather bored of being oh-so-serioussssss and I just wanted to keep the concept light for a change. Moving countries will have you doing all sorts of crazy things like being bored with substandard everything and wanting to shake off some serious seriousness! 
And so came Yo.Yo.
Yo.Yo. is my response to mass produced and functionality focused night-lights. And they’re made for little munchkins! These lights are designed to compliment living spaces during the day and the night, bringing its pleasing aesthetic form to the forefront while superseding the demands of functionality and performance in a children’s product. It is a fun way to bring soft night lighting into a child’s bedroom without forgoing beautiful design. During the day, Yo.Yo. hangs pleasingly from furniture, and during the night can be left in the same position or used for directional light on bathroom trips. The smooth exterior and durability of materials allows Yo.Yo. to also be pulled along the floor by sleepy heads. 
I’m super excited to be putting this design into small scale production, and am totally loving learning how to wire LEDs, sourcing new suppliers and somewhat learning to deal with what feels like Seattle running on ‘island time.’ I do miss Sydney’s wild ways but Seattle is growing on me….